Date night...

Yes... we went to Wal-Mart to pick up some stuff...
Funny enough that we didn't buy anything on these pics!
This was the BIGGEST sign in the store!
Gee I wonder what was right near this sign...
Duh! Chocolate!
My FAVORITE type of Lindt's chocoloate ... especially the dark chocolate!!!

But then I found Ghirardelli and I got excited!

Kevin gave me this monkey and said "for you!"

Kev found this one that sang "Too sexy for my..."
It was funny cuz he opens his robe as the song goes on!

In memory of Odie... Isn't he a cutie???
{Yes I mean Kevin...}

And since we were looking at cute chocolate things Kevin found this one.

And of course, Kevin had to go to the toy section ... as always!

I got in the mood for Valentine's Day after I saw this cute little pink bear!
{I can't BELIEVE it is less than a month away!!!}

{Don't worry... Kevin was returning the $40 BEAR!!!! I could not believe it was THAT much!}
It was a fun date night!
And it continues...

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