So I'm sitting here and thinking of how much longer I can sit here in a classroom that I really don't have to listen to the lecture.

Plus what else I could be doing other than sit here. Don't get me wrong - glad I get to audit this class before I take it in the summer. Gives me more time to relax and understand what the class is about NOW.

But it doesn't stop me from writing this post from my BB curve. Heehee


So random thought:
I woke up this morning feeling around for my big blanket. [I sleep with a sheet, a fleece blanket and then a thicker and bigger blanket.] And it was nowhere to be found.
I fell back to sleep. [After hitting my snooze button of course.]
Then I woke up and really had to wake up. [Class starts at 9. I woke up at 8:55. Wasn't worried. I'm only auditing the class. No need to rush around like a maniac, right? And there was no rushing for me today!]
As I slowly rose to sit up in bed, I looked down on the floor. Yep. There was my blanket. On the floor. Not on me in bed pretty much getting colder by the minute. Although I gotta say it was not too bad in my room today.
Usually when I wake up I start shivering and try to cover myself up with anything warm. But no shivering today. I was even surprised when I looked at my heater switch and saw it was OFF.
Weird. I wasn't cold in late January especially after a really bad winter storm???
It baffled me. But was happy and thankful to have a roof over my head, a nice bed to lay on, and the ability to stay warm under TWO blankets.

Sometimes these are the little things we take for granted and I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank my lucky stars [and of course my dad] that I have all of the above.

What is something YOU take for granted everyday?

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