Just another wednesday

So I had/have this exercise class I go to every wed. but this week our "trainer" wrote our whole class an e-mail saying that we owed her money because apparently we were supposed to pay her $20 per person per class for 15 weeks which comes to $300 for an hour long once a week class! Isn't that ridiculous??? Anyway that first sentence is ridiculously long! Ha ha.

In the past few days I've had lots going on. Sunday we went out with my boyfriends parents and grandparents for dinner. That was fun and always an interesting day out. Later that night we went to see:

and it was really really good! I absolutely LOVED Heath Ledger as the Joker and he deserves any award coming to him... well his family at the very least! =) And can't complain about how great Christian Bale looked! Ok I know I said I went with my boyfriend but come on! Bale is hot!!!

I worked Monday and yesterday I hung out with my boyfriend after donating blood!
I love donating blood because I get nothing out of it (no money, no nothing!) and I am truly saving a life! So if you have never donated, just thinking about it will help you get there! I am working on having my lovely 22 year old boyfriend to donate but he wouldn't. He says he's not a giver ... I hope I get to him soon. He should just once and then he can just cross it off his list of things to do before he dies and actually needs a blood transfusion! I should write down my list of things to do before I die! Just like the movie BUCKET LIST... it was a great movie by the way!

So today after learning that I had no class to go to, I decided to come to my college's computer lab and write a blog and go through one of my favorite radio hosts blog and vlog. She had written a blog about how dogs can die if the owners leave their dogs in their hot and roasting cars. There in her blog she talked about a website:

On that site there are plenty of things to read about the very big dangers about leaving a dog in a hot roasting car in the middle of summer! I mean I'm personally not a dog owner but my boyfriend has a dog and whenever I see a dog sitting and barking from inside a car where the windows are barely cracked that angers me!!!!!!!!!!! I always think about the poor dog who never asked to be left behind while the owner does their chores! Why couldn't they just leave them at home????? Well at this really great site there are flyers you can print out so if you do see a dog in a hot car witht he windows barely down you can just leave it on the car just so they know how dangerous it is to leave a dog "for just a minute"! I am printing them right now!

Well I gotta go soon. Since I didn't exercise with my class today I have to go to the gym! I am actually doing really good and I weighed myself to day and I am down to 179.6! YAY! I'm soooo happy! But I gotta keep going and I will keep going! I haven't really been working out in the past two days but that will change! Ok there's a class in this lab at 1pm so I gotta go!

Take care and be cool where ever you are! Use that SPF!!!!


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