So this is the story...

In the past few weeks (I started on July 1, 2008) I have devoted myself to lose weight. I started exercising every day that I can because I want to get fit and I just need to do it for myself.

I was at a weight that made me realize that I was in a very bad place in my life and I wasn't happy with the way I looked. I really could care less what anyone else says about me or how I look, but I think that I need to lose weight for my own health and self-esteem. I have a loving boyfriend that always tell me he loves me and that he doesn't think I am fat. Actually he gets really mad when I say I'm fat because he doesn't think I am. I do think I am fat but I guess I should say "I'm not healthy." Which in fact, I am not healthy especially with my height and weight right now.

When I stepped on the scale on July 1, 2008 I was at my ultimate and I think that this is ridiculous that I ever let myself get this heavy but I was at:

186 lbs!!!!

I could not believe it!!!!!!! I'm 22 years of age, 5'4" tall and I am almost 190 lbs???? I was furious and very disappointed with myself!

That was the day I said "I would never let myself get to that point ever again... unless I get pregnant or something." So I have been exercising every day and I make a point to walk for at least 1/2 hour every day. I made a goal of losing 20 lbs by the end of the year. I think I can totally do that and if I can do that in less than 6 months I will be very proud of myself and make me want to get even lower than 160! I ultimately want to reach my "true weight" of 120 but that will come in time. I think if I can reach 160 I will look at my life in a different way so I can be able to make bigger goals and stay as healthy as ever!

What I do to exercise:

I go to my gym and run on the treadmill or do at least 1000 steps on the stepmill (I really don't know the name to that machine-will look it up!) and then I do a few crunches on the stability ball and I do some weight bearing exercises. Every wednesday I have a exercise class that goes on throughout the whole summer which gives me even greater motivation to exercise because the instructor always tells us all taht we are getting stronger, have better balance, and are getting more toned! So that kind of encouragement will keep me going! So I will keep exercising every day no matter how tired or lazy I get. I always keep telling myself: you wanna get healthier and look and feel better? Then get up your fat ass to make yourself healthier! Yes I do say this to myself because who else better to yell at me than ... me??? =P

My other exercise "routine" is the NINTENDO WII:

My boyfriend has it at his house so everytime I work early and don't get out early enough to go to the gym, we play the wii fit which is very entertaining but makes me sweat just as much as going to the gym! Plus there I don't have to pay any membership! haha

My diet:

I have stopped eating junk food and started watching my calories and fat! I was on weight watchers before and I keep score of how many points each food portion is for each food and keep a food journal (which is awesome by the way!) which gives you a visual of what you are actually putting in your body! I also started (TODAY) drinking the slimquick packets so we'll see how that goes! I will keep updating about that! It tastes pretty good, has ZERO calories and ZERO fat and is SUGAR less which is great!

To end this long a$$ blog I have to say that in the past two weeks I have dropped down to

180 lbs!

I just love that! Not the fact that I weigh that much but in just two weeks with eating less, watching what I eat, keeping a food journal, exercising EVERY DAY, and keeping myself motivated I lost 6 whole lbs! I love it and can't wait to see even less lbs on that scale everytime I step on it.

I also learned that I need to weigh myself EVERY day to see my progress because I am a numbers girl when it come to weight and my overall health. Even if some days I only lose .2 lbs or are at the same weight, I just like seeing what I eat or what I am doing is giving me a positive or negative effect.

Ok now I really gotta go.

My shift has ended and I have to head home!

Take care and hope this encourages others to become healthier not only to look better but to feel better!

See ya!


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