Wish lists!

So the spirit of Christmas has hit Kevin and I super duper early this year!
Don't know what it is this year but I wanna get Christmas rolling already!
My mom is coming tomorrow and I think that is kind of like a Christmas present in of itself! I haven't seen her in over 10 year now! Crazy how time flies by when your not paying attention. And even if you are it still flies by.
But anywho. Christmas!
It is my dad (and mom's) 50th birthday this year so I wanna do it up big for both of them.
I have planned on a couple of days in NYC for my mom and so we can have a girls day(s) up there just going around town, eating good food and just catching up! Plus the PWP event at Touch by Lisa Paige and 92.3 NOW FM will be a plus that weekend.
Then for my dad I won't go into too many details (just in the off chance that he reads this blog!) but it will have some relaxation going on and even a change of scenery. Soooo excited!!!
These are two birthdays that are going to be awesome! Yay!
Anywho back to Kevin and I:
we have already started Christmas lists. He apparently has more on his list than me right now. I am going to be adding on a page up top with our Christmas lists just in case other people want to buy us our wishes! :D
Well gotta go. Getting ready for movie time with my lovely Kevin (who is sick again! grr!).
We are going to see Due Date. It better live up to the hype! I'll let you all know how it is! :D

Ha!!! Love it!
Can't wait to laugh my butt off!

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