Wish I could...

Work for the weekend! But... It's monday. Booo!

Enjoying my pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks which is extremely yummy! Glad I stopped by to pick one up! Lisa ( always raves about them every time they come back. So being the "follower" I sometimes can be, I got one this year. Very worth the $4!

And since I am super early for an employee forum for work that I need to attend and today seemed like a good day to go to one, this latte better keep me up for it! I worked last night and it wasn't crazy but I am usually zonked out by this time of morning when I get home. So latte go to work... That reminds me I should pee before I go to this thing! (Sorry...tmi?)

Good weather so far today. Not too cold for October like it was the past few days.

Hate the cold!

Anywho I'm gonna stop lingering in my car and head into this thing... Here I come boring speeches... Bleh!
Wish I could listen to my XM radio on my phone! They are playing good ones on XM 8 right now!



Comment, look, and come back!

(Hopefully I'll keep updating!)


Have a wonderful Monday!

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