Fall Season Premieres - so excited!

So many shows, and I'm glad that I get a DVR starting today!
It starts next week, Monday and I'll go through each day showing my favorite shows!

Up first MONDAY!
{definitely not voting for Palin or that Jersey Shore guy...}

{hotness all around!}

{yep. can't just have one day of the week with the dancing...}

Not sure what else is on Tuesday's.
Oh yeah. I think Parenthood is!
Ever watched?

The Middle

{I just love this show. So realistic! And freaking funny too!}

Modern Family

{I just wish I was a part of this family! Awesome and hilariously funny! Must watch!}

Cougar Town

{Old friends getting together. How much more amazingness do you need?}

The Whole Truth

{new one... we'll see how this goes... but I love Maura Tierney...}

The Big Bang Theory (TBBT for short)
{one word: HI-LARIOUS!}

Others that I need to catch up to are:

{Love him and his sarcasm... haha}

The Office
{It won't be the same without Michael Scott!}

Law & Order: SVU
{Watching on Netflix starting on season 1.... love the cases they have there. Love Mariska Hargitay!}

Oh my goodness!!!
So much to watch!
Thank goodness I have a DVR now!

What's your fave show???
I probably missed something....

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