Ooh... Friday 13th!

And I am at home. Not at work. Or on the road.
Thank goodness!
Because I know anything bad that can happen, happens to me!
Especially at work!
So today I have decided that I need to gather the hundreds of pics that I took down at Disney, put them on a memory card, and go get them printed!
I have a printer here but my ink runs out soon and is freaking expensive!
With these pictures I am going to put them into a scrapbook that Kev bought me down at Disney.
I also want to get frames for the dinner menus that I took was given for some of our meals at Disney.
I can't wait!
Also, today I am going to see my good friend Quynh and possibly her lover boy Dan.
I wanna go out and do something with other people!
I feel like if I keep sitting here I'll end up with a bed sore cause my a$$ hurts like no other from sitting so much!
But when I walk around my foot hurts.
We'll see how the next two weeks go as well. My poor buttocks. :(

Anywho, enough about that.
Here are some pics from Disney for you. Enjoy!

And there are so many more where those came from!

More to come....

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