My left foot:

-Is sore.
-Healing. Very slowly.
-Missing out on many good walks.
-Loving the ice I apply to it.
-Is a lot less swollen than it was when I went to the ER that Saturday evening after I got home from Disney.
-May not be able to wear high heels for a VERY looooong time.
-Is waiting to go back to work.
-Needs to get better so I can finally start exercising again to lose those extra pounds I gained at Disney.
-Does not enjoy the small amounts of pressure I put on it more and more each day like the Orthopaedic doctor told me to do.
-Needs a pedicure! (So does my right foot!)
-Has another 2 weeks to heal before my doctor's appointment and I go back to work! (So weird to say I'm excited to start work again!)

Ahh... Such is life!
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