At home...

It is going on 1.5 weeks now that I have been on medical leave and it has been going ok.
The only bad part of it all is that it is hot like I would not believe in my house!
I have the fan going 24/7 and the ice on my foot is melting faster than I can say "I'm hot."
Plus, after this week I won't be able to get paid because I have used all of my sick hours already for this fiscal year. booo!
So spending money will not be likely in the next couple of weeks. ... Like I can go anywhere right? ha ha

Although I have gone out some days to visit my fam and see my family's new addition : Miah Kiana

Isn't she adorable?
My dad called this picture "Her first roller coaser ride."
ha ha

Well that is pretty much it for me. Been reading some books, magazines, blogs, paying bills, adjusting to a life as a home-body.

If you have any other suggestions of what I should do with my "free time" let me know!

See ya!

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