Living the Vida Limping

ah the weekend.
Wondering what I did?
Well ok. I'll tell ya.
Saturday - went to buy buy baby to buy my cousin's baby, Miah, crib and things that we promised we would get them. Between my dad, Aunt, cousin Freddy, Kev and I we put together money so we could get them a really good gift.
And what better gift than a crib, mattress, comforter set and stroller is there right? I hope they really like it and learn to care for all of it so it can last them for awhile.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with Kevin.
We went to Target to get the hundreds of pictures that I had gotten printed there. Granted not all the pictures were of our Disney vacation but there were a lot of pics. Can't wait to put together my scrapbook. So excited.

Will show the finished product later!

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