Almost at the 400 mark...

Can I make it to the 500 mark by next month?
Is it possible???
Well ... maybe.
Almost ever since I started this blog I've had a sitemeter ALL.THE.WAY. at the bottom of my page counting to see how many people visit/search/see/find my blog.
I have to admit it's fun to go on there and look at how many different locations there are.
I especially like seeing the little green dots in like Russia, China, India, Australia, France, Portugal etc etc.
I know most of the numbers shouldn't even count because when I look I see:
time on site 0:00
so maybe I really haven't had 398 visitors but so what?
That's a lot for me!
I mean I am pretty much a nobody in the blogging world because I'm a poor college student/nursing student/nurses aide from northeast USA.
But I feel so privileged to have been visited by many awesome people like many of my daily reads.
<-------------------------------(which are over there on the left side of my blog .... )
So whomever has visited THANK YOU!
I am just here sharing tidbits of my life and of course life with my lovely boyfriend.
I hope I enrich your lives in some way...
Even though half the time they are boring posts and most of the time I am not as creative as many other bloggers are.
you know who you all are!
But I still try and am still smiling at every sunrise that shines through my blinds....

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