Doing some planning and list making

As March comes to an end, April is ahead with an exciting first weekend!
Tina, Lauren and I are going to NYC and staying at the Waldorf=Astoria for some much needed rest!!!
I have found this great site:
which has helped me make to do lists for this trip.
I don't know about you, but I am a list FREAK.
So I was ever SOOO happy that I found this awesome site!
It's such a simple thing, but it makes me happy!
Plus, it is so simple to use and I don't waste so much paper so it's eco friendly... if you really want to think about it that way.
So if you were wondering {haha... yeah ok...}
what my lists were {so far} they are:
  • Places to go in NYC
  • Places to eat in NYC
  • Things to bring on NYC trip

So far I have 24 places to go, 20 places to eat and just 2 things so far on things to bring because I still don't know what the weather is going to be like.

Which reminds me; I have to find a good bag(s) to put my clothes/things in to bring to NYC.

I can't believe I am actually going!

I'm sooo excited as Tina and Lauren (a.k.a. The Ladies) are too.

Later today we are meeting to have a small dinner (Subway) and some treats (appetizers and dessert... yum!) and of course PLAN PLAN PLAN for our trip.

We have trouble at times. We tend to not be good at being decisive about what to do. Hence, this is a problem to plan a weekend in NYC because, if you have ever been to this wonderful city, there is just SOOOOO much to do!

I have done so much research, and with the help of other lovely bloggers like rockstar diaries and A CUP OF JO who live in NYC, I have gotten many places to go see and places to eat!

Thank you ladies for helping out with my ideas!

I hope our meeting tonight with The Ladies is productive.

Gotta go now.

Yogalatte class awaits in half hour!


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