Can this REALLY be true?




Do you think this is true???
{Answer, in my opinion: I don't think it is. See the comments section for my reasoning.}


Jojo said...

I personally think this is a really scary thought that people tell themselves this. I've heard people say it before, but it sends entirely the wrong message. I think it's much more important to be able to enjoy food, so long as you exercise and stay healthy and eat a balanced diet of every food group. HEALTHY, NOT NECESSARILY = SKINNY! We shouldn't have to feel guilty every time we eat something... don't you think? I'd love you know what you think. Great post! :)

KSBL said...

Jojo - thanks for visiting by the way!

And I completely agree with you!
Everything in moderation is my motto!

Like today I had tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwhich.
And instead of going for a cookie I am eating fruit.

I feel that this statement is not true because like you said: we shouldn't feel guilty for what we eat! We just have to be SMART about the stuff we put in our mouths and exercise!!

Exercise is definitely key to being healthy.

Thanks for your input and knowing that I am not crazy for thinking this statement isn't true.

{I found this statement on a piece of paper here at work... wonder who put it there so I can tell them it isn't true! =P}

Juliet said...

I heard that phrase recently on tv and had to stop to think about it. I guess it is true, although for me it isn't being thin as much as being fit and healthy. :)