Pet peeve #1

so i am going to start this series because many people ask:
"what's one of your pet peeves?"
{yes they do ask.}
So instead of racking my brain to think of them, I will start writing them on here.
If you have one let me know.
More than likely I'll agree with you or have one similar to the one you have...
I have MANY pet peeves. Especially now living with my dad, a male, who does not know the reason of why I bought the clorox wipes and leave a bottle of them everywhere!
Anywho, this is my first peeve because it has to do with the very first thing in the morning:
~Not saying good morning when you first see someone.~
I tell Kevin this ALL the time! I do not like it when he just starts off the conversation "Hey did I tell you about....?" and it is 11 am and it is the first time we talk in the morning (since we don't live together).
Just THIS morning I got woken up by my dad (and this happens on a regular basis):
Dad: "Are you up yet? What are you doing? Why aren't you up yet?"
Me: "I'm getting up. I'm getting up."
I don't get "Good morning. Are you up yet?"
Then after getting me up I open the door and he's telling me I should do this, that and everything in between.
That bugs me...
At least he's a good Dad so I can't complain too much.
And Kevin is a great boyfriend.
But does it HURT YOU to say a simple good morning???
Is this just only me?
Am I crazy?
Well... let's not go there... haha


Jojo said...

NO I agree with you on this one... my main pet peeve is RUDENESS AND RUDE PEOPLE! so I guess not saying good morning is part of that, right? Anyway, Good morning! :)

Stacey Sargent said...

rude people are the worst. I;ve gotten a lot of rude comments from rude people and I just don't get it...why make others feel bad?

i think you are fabulous!