Philly Pretzel Factory

This is a new placed that opened around town and let me say: IT WAS GREAT!Kevin and I both got pretzel hot dogs ...hmmmm delicious.
The surprise was it has cheese inside.
Was NOT expecting that!
The pretzel dough was very nicely done.

As you can tell Kevin loved them as much as I did.

We both ended up eating our whole entire "meal" in less than 10 minutes.

Kevin was the most excited since the very first day this place opened and we pass by it he would say:
"I want a pretzel! I want a pretzel! Especially a pretzel hot dog!"
Prices aren't too bad.
For the two pretzel hot dogs and a Snapple it was a total of $4. Even.
Is that a good price do you think?
They also have pretzel nuggets, pretzels, cheese dip, chocolate dip, mustard etc.
Wanna hear an awesomely ridicolous idea Kevin had?
Well even if you don't here it is:
Kevin wants to find a cheese filled pretzel and then top it off with chocolate... no not top it off. COVER it in chocolate!
Does that sound AT ALL edible???
My thoughts?
Well.... let's just say I like cheese and I like chocolate. But putting the two TOGETHER plus pretzel dough... I don't know. I guess it's one of those things that you want to know how it tastes but can't really decide if it's a good idea for your stomach.
Will update if we ever end up doing this!

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