We don't ONLY shop at Wal-Mart

We also go to BJ's!

Can't you see how excited we are???

Does anyone remember ever having Little Bites Banana Nut and don't you miss them like crazy???
I mean yes the chocolate chip are great and so are the brownine ones BUT
I miss the banana nut ones!
(grrr... looks like they discontinued them. can't find them anywhere online)
I haven't tried the 100 calorie pack ones either... have you?
Any good?

And I love these cookies. But we didn't buy them... to freaking expensive and I had enough cookies/junk at home... and bringing this big can to my house... yeah wouldn't last over a week between Kev, my dad and I!
yeesh! too much calories!

Yep. Our trip to BJ's was fun.

But I always have fun with the Kevin. He makes trips to stores a lot more fun and entertaining!

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