Let's stop for a second and talk...

{this is in miami but I liked it so I used it: pic found here}
about the fact that there was a F1 tornado pass by on the other side of a mt. right.behind.my.house!
I have video of that scary night.... that hail was I.N.S.A.N.E.!
So much fell and so hard that there was need of shoveling in most parts of my county!
There's a city two minutes away which had a park pretty much wrecked with many trees fallen down and just havock everywhere.
Yeah.... this is the SECOND time a tornado has passed by (I believe so far this year...) and made a disaster out of our city/county.
The first one that came through went right through my alma matter (high school). It's still in shambles! This was so scary when I found out because my best friend Quynh lives literally a block away from the h.s. Plus, my other bestie WORKS at the school. Luckily the tornado passed by on a Saturday afternoon and Quynh wasn't home and weird enough the havock stopped about five homes before it reached hers.
This is crazy! We live in a VALLEY not plain land!!! What is happening with the weather this year????
Today (only 24 hrs later) it is sunny, light breeze, ~62 degrees with the sun beaming thru my shades!
Gotta love mother nature dears....
How's the weather in your corner of the earth??

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