One of my Wal-Mart trips:

I love how they are already advertising for easter and spring when it is still cold???

Why won't spring come already??????????


Love the signs though.

Plus, our wal-mart has really organized themselves and has made more room to walk around.

It looks really good.

You know you are getting older when you are stating things like:
"Why couldn't I have these when I was a little girl?"
and other statements like:
"Why couldn't I have these type of baskets when I was a little girl?"

This was so funny.

Dude Da' Bunny!
How crazy and funky is that?
A "ghetto/gangsta chocolate bunny???"

Can't stop loving the original candy though!
Especially the PEEPS!
(more on the sugar free peep extravaganza to come!!!)

And this was such a cute bunny! It shook its tail and flopped its ears ... cuteness squared!

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