is it snowing where u are right now?

{pic from this lovely blogger hope she doesn't mind... =)...}

so it is supposed to snow today...

we have a winter storm warning until 4 PM MONDAY!

ugh. snow. yuck... haha.

i'm just so tired of it.

can spring come already???

there is snow in places that haven't had snow in forever like in the pic above.

plus someone just told me we're supposed to get 6-10 inches.

but ... they said that before about a month and a half ago... and we got maybe 2 inches... pityful weather people-predictions. can never get it fully right.

maybe this will be the one time of ALL winter that they do.

will try to update then on the weather outside.

right now at work i am enclosed and there are NO windows so i have no idea what is awaiting for me once i get off at 5 pm.

we'll see...
things to do today:

-get gas in car {before snowfall}


-change into non-scrub clothes

-go out on a dinner date

{kevin asked me on a dinner date today when I called on my break... i love it when he asks me out on a date... especially because we're going on our 4th year as a couple in July... =)

we're going to Applebee's and gettin' the 2 entrees and 1 appetizer for $20. it's a good deal when it is a party for two. but i will do the sensible eating. if we get a "fattier" appetizer then I will get a WW meal or some baked chicken or something ...}

-watch the rest of this

-sleep... best part of the day... don't ya think???

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