Hola! Buenos dias!

Good morning lovelies!
How are you???

so much to talk about on this great and frigid friday!

I have updated my other blog : Stories of a G.N. 
so go ahead and read up on that please.

I would like to keep my nursing life and "real" life seperate because I think that both right now are two different personas that I have.

I am not saying I am bipolar by any means.

But... I am going through too many things to be telling you stories both on here and over there.


I will update my life things/occurences here such as:
Kevin and I going out
Family outings
Dates with my girl friends
Work outs
My weekly vlogs (which I need to find out a way how to keep them all together for y'all to see... yep. I just used the word y'all... weird I know... haha)
Other lovely blogs/bloggers
etc, etc

My G.N. blog will keep you informed on :
State boards
my position on L&D/PNU
news of nursing/medical related topics
things I find interesting about being a nurse
stories filled with laughter, tears and miracles... believe me, there are plenty I can tell you!

My other spanish blog... well probably will be just things I can post in spanish to communicate with my family in Ecuador and Portugal.

Also pretty pictures that I like... =)

So please come back and read and share with me!

I promise to update more, keep reading your blogs and commenting on them if you do the same here and over there.



I'm excited.

So I gotta go now.

I need my "beauty sleep" before work tonight. ha! =0P

So I leave you with this song that will get you going on this freezing Friday!!!

LOVE this song! Makes me want summer more and more!

Until next time peeps!


Al said...

I just watched your vlog- your hair looks awesome. Love the blonde highlights!! Though, totally feel ya on the getting home and thinking they are way way bright, its always a shock.

My mum was, well i guess still is... Umm... My mum was a hairdresser (Just donest hairdresser anymore?? TMI?? umm) and so when i was younger i got all the latest hair things done... PERM? yep ah huh!! haha but the streaking cap!! I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!!!!!! that thing i horrific! that awful pulling through- ARGH!!!!!!

Hope the pinning ceremony goes well/went well!

SoFiA said...

Al - thanks for the comments!
And yes the cap is horrible. haha
But it does get the work done a lot better than the foils.
I don't think I can ever do a perm. You are brave. haha
And I will be updating on my pinning soon...