February 2, 2010 = Groundhog Day

So it is Groundhog Day.
And what is the verdict???


Not cool at all.
As much as the snow is pretty and all you snowboarders/skiiers/snow tubers love this snow... me?
Not so much.

I hate driving in the snow.
I hate walking in the snow.
I hate snow in my boots.
Shall I go on?

I wish I lived somewhere that did not have as much COLD and FRIGID weather.
Today is not pretty outside. It's all gloomy. It's windy. It's cold.

I just don't like the cold.
I'm a hispanic that needs her heat. ;)

What kind of person are you?
Winter or summer?
Hot or cold?
I am a spring girl too but spring does not bring enough heat around here anymore!

Our spring last year  was so short and kind of went into summer that I barely felt any heat.
I mean I hate sweating until you can see through your shirt with sweat.
BUT I hate having to wear layers upon layers to keep staying warm.

Anywho... I'm done complaining. Just needed to vent a little about this cruddy weather.

I gotta go now.

I really need to do a vlog. I am sooo behind on my vlogs. I'm gonna have to do two this week!
So much to say too.

Ok. See ya all later!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Ann Marie said...

we should switch places! i LOVE the snow, and am trying to kind of like summer. cute blog!

SoFiA said...

Ann Marie - we should! haha
Thanks for the nice comment.