Ash Wednesday

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So do you observe Lent?
Do you even know what Lent means?


Me neither... sorta.

I know it is the time to repent. (right?)

Plus Ash Wed. - what's it all about?

It is the time where you go to church and get ashes in the shape of a cross on the top of your forehead.

It is a little saddening that I have NO IDEA what the specific reason is for Ash Wednesday and I have been raised in a Catholic family for the past 23 1/2 years. --- Yeah my whole life.

So one day I had asked my dad something about religion and it was about four months from my graduation (around Sept. 2009). He just looked at me gave me a pat on the head and said: "Just focus on nursing right now then we'll talk about religion." as he walked away chuckling. Apparently I had made a really weird (and funny?) comment that made no sense. humph.

It is a little sad - I believe - that my own dad even thinks I'm horrible at religion. But I have not been to church in so long that I am more likely to make bad assumptions about religion talk. haha

So the couple of things I do know about Lent are that it is the time of repenting, you have to give up something you love for 40 days, and on Fridays you cannot should not cannot eat any meat - only FISH.

Yum. haha

So I will be doing just that.

I am giving up: white bread. no croissants. no baguettes. no white rolls. (yep. i love it that much that I am giving it up for Lent.)

And I hope to make some more yummy fish dishes for those Fridays.

So. Are you observing Lent?

Can you educate me more on this?

Let me know.


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