Decisions, Decisions.

SUV's I've been eyeing:
Ford Escape

Ford Explorer

Nissan Murano

GMC Terrain

GMC Acadia


Which one should I get?
What color? {My fave color is green.}
What year? {At least within the last 4-5 years}
Should I get a hybrid?

What I want:
No leather seats.
Affordable ... hahaha!
Not too big.
Definitely four door! Cannot stand 2 door cars!!!
A good SUV!

I don't know. So unsure about which one I should get. I want to go test driving soon... probably won't be til july knowing this winter season! once this weather clears up!

Please if you have some insight to these or any other crossovers/SUV's let me know!

I so appreciate it!

Keep warm everyone in the Northeast right now {and anywhere else where it is cold as it is here!}.


Al said...

good gosh those cars are massive!

SoFiA said...

Al - haha! yea they are. but the way snow and weather is around here i need a big vehicle to ride in!
it's gonna be a big adjustment going from my little hyundai accent to one of these SUV's.
can't wait!