{Say hello to my beautifully blue covered state [that I live in] of Pennsylvania}

Yes. That is the storm that is on it's way already here!
It got white out very quickly.
It was gorgeous this Tuesday morning but... it slowly turned VERY cloudy and colder outside!
And I am not liking it!

But I believe I will be catching up on much of my studies {for state boards}, blogging, reading blogs, and commenting on blogs.

I just hope I do not have to go out tomorrow whatsoever because it is not gonna look good out there anytime soon!

But in other news, I had a great weekend believe it or not!
I had a great two days of parties.

Saturday - Baby Shower
Very cute and nice but it would have helped if I had gotten an extra hour or two of sleep before going.
I kept yawning like CRAZY and did not drink or eat much because I just did not feel so good.
On the plus side, I got to see cute little baby things, practice my spanish and be a little social... haha.

Sunday - Joined Birthday Party
This party went a heck of a lot better!
I had a full night's sleep, I had eaten breakfast, I looked a lot better than on Saturday {I washed my hair for Sunday} and I like Birthday's!
Kevin picked me up (my car was still not doing so good from two days before... that is for another post...), we went to get wrapping paper/gift bags and then went to the party.
Have I mentioned that I absolutely adore Kevin's family?
They are so welcoming and fun and I never have a bad time when I am with them.
So it was a joined birthday party for Kevin's niece, Jess who turned 13, and nephew, Justin who turned 10.
Can't believe they are growing up to be such awesome people!
They each have many great things about them and let me tell you.
Justin is a little min-me of Kevin. Justin recently got glasses and he looks so much like Kevin it is scary.
Kevin sent me a picture of Justin on Saturday while I was at the baby shower and I was so surprised how much Justin looked like Kevin.
It is so weird!
Justin looks up to Kevin a lot and it is just so funny that he looks a lot like him!

Anywho, it went great and we watched the Super Bowl as well.
Not a super fan of either the Saints or the Colts but I was happy the Saints won!

I didn't finish watching the game that night but Kevin and I catched up watching "The Office" season 5 and I am lovin' it all over again! I miss watching it!
If you have never watched it, you should start!!! It's flippin' hilarious!
But don't tell me what happens on season 6 cuz I'll be mad!
Kevin and I need to catch up!

Well I gotta go for now.
I gotta update more on other shows I watch and what I have been reading and on the weather (boo hoo...... hooo.. hoo..).
But I gotta get ready for my workout with my friend Quynh.
Which I have to update this blog about our exercise plan!

So see ya soon!

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