My target haul vlog... Enjoy and please comment!

The pictures within the vlog for your viewing pleasure... haha!


Not pictured are the Fiber One bars and I forgot to mention the two sweet potatoes I bought that you are able to just put in the microwave and cook them like that. Yum-O! Will have to dedicate a vlog just for them then... =)


Al said...

whoa target there sells food? thats crazy.

I love America land. Its so opposite to here. Its great lol

I learnt this week that girl guides cookies exist- thought that was so cool! i thought it was an only in the movies thing!

SoFiA said...

Al- target is awesome. love it!

And girl guides cookies? Do you mean girs scout cookies?
Just wondering... Let me know.

Al said...

oh gosh... yes lol girl scout!!

Here Girls do guides and Boys do Scouts- CONFUSING! :)