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What is going on?
Oh you know.
More and more snow as the days go by!
So over it!

Anywho, I have some updates along with my new vlog for the third week of February (look above!).

The newest things was when Kev and I went to Lancaster, PA with fam and we went to Shady Maples.
Holy smokes!
That place is huge!
They even have a gift shop in their basement that's pretty much a supermarket!

{and that is only half of the buffet line!}

{insane dessert buffett}

{Kev and his nephew being weird.... haha}

I loved it there. So much food! Plus it was fun spending time with the Kev's fam and Kev of course.
We barely see each other because we're both working full time now and with this weather we don't like to drive too much outside. Too slippery, too dangerous, too many stupid idiotic drivers out there. Ya know what I mean?

Also, we are in the look out for a treadmill. A pro form treadmill kinda like this:

{ain't it pretty?}

But I still don't think I can validate the purchase especially since it is $600+!

What do you think?
Should we get it?
I'm still not sure if we should... we would eventually but I don't know if it is a good idea right now since we don't live together... as of now.

So that is what's been going on.
How are you? What is new?

Hope to see you around.

Comments are always welcome!

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