taking a commercial break....

and writing on my blog!


i am currently in my orientation and they are covering things that i already know so... i decided that it was a great idea/time to update my lovely and lonely blog.

been doing this orientation for 3 weeks now and it's been interesting so far.
a lot to learn, a lot to memorize and at the same time a lot to try to get through! a lot of things i already learned myself they are telling us AGAIN because there are new people that need it. oh well.
gives me time to update here.

and also catch up on some blogs as well.
just fyi, this keyboard sucks balls so my letters will be minimized unless i wanna hit the caps lock. too much work pressing the shift key for 5 seconds before it works. haha

so to update, my paycheck came in and it looked so lovely. but guess what? it went bye bye by the time the next day came around because my bills were asking to be paid. it sucks!!! and they actually jipped me $$$ because they got my rate wrong for 36 hrs. i hate talking to payroll too. they aren't much help either! so hopefully it will get fixed by this week!

so what has happened since the last time i came around...

well kevin and i are spending some QT over the weekends because we both have off and are able to go places now! yay!

this past saturday we spent the day together by just going out, window shopping, and watching big bang theory. we are on the second season now and we LOVE it.
with many shows (esp. comedies) it takes A LOT to get him to react! he barely makes a sound via laugh, chuckle or smirk. he'll say "yeah. it was funny." after i ask him if he thought it was funny.
so to hear him make a chuckle or an actual laugh while watching this show makes me happier!
thank you the big bang theory!!!

 i think he was a deprived child and did not have any little kids to have a real full blown out laugh-off.

now - with me we have had some laugh-off's can't lie. but it is just annoying at times because he won't do it in front of other people! i have to usually say "it's just his way. he doesn't like showing emotion a lot." (like they couldn't already tell from his non-reaction!) i just hope as the years go by, he will be more comfortable with our friends/family to be able to show more emotion.

does you guy do that??? does it feel like you are giving him a root canal it takes you a long time to pry emotion from him? is he any different after you  have gone out for awhile/a big event happened (i.e. marriage, kids, loss of parents/loved one)?

anywho, sunday we took my dad out to breakfast.
that was fun.
we haven't done much with just the three of us and it was good to be with both of them at the same time.
i love that we all get along and that there is no awkwardness.
do your parents and your current beau get along?

and so the work week begins.
monday was just another learning/class/orientation day here at my job. some interesting things but it was just a long day. what made it not cool was that i got stuck in traffic when i was 5 minutes away from home. yuck! but my dad made up for it by having dinner cooked and ready for me! yay!
i finally got to watch Ellen since the darn Olympics took up the whole time in february so that was cool.
i also watched Oprah and she had jerry seinfield with his new show "marriage ref". it looks awesome and a cool new show for sunday nights.
later in the night kev and i went up to the mall cause i had to do a return at Sephora. what i had to return is this:

it sucked.
it was clumpy, heavy and did NOT give my eyelashes any volume!
the heaviness of the mascara made my eyelashes sag instead of lift up and curl.
i had more success with a $4 cover girl mascara!
i'm on the look out for bobbi browns no smudge mascara
and i cannot find it anywhere. i'm probably gonna have to order it online from nordstrom. anyone have any idea where i can get it???

after sephora i took kevin to dinner since he didn't get anything at home after work.
we went to corner bakery and i bought me some pretzel bites. yum! it was my "spoil" day of my good food eating goal. haha

and today Tuesday i am in classes/orientation again and bored but happy i got to update. we are about to go to lunch now and gotta finish this looong a$$ post up.

thanks for reading! everyone! anyone!


bananas. said...

i used to use diorshow too but found that my l'oreal worked as well but was more than half the price so yea...donezo! lol.

SoFiA said...

bananas - exactly! haha.