Falling asleep...

As I watch the evening news...
At 6pm.

This is not a good sign as tonight is LOST night.

Gotta see LOST.

But naps/sleeping is good too right?



[To Be Continued...]
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Marie S said...

You must be working too hard girl!
Congratulations on GN. My daughter says that is awesome. WTG!!
She says when you do get ready, do as many questions as you can. Saunders is good she says or one from your school. Do them over and over, at least a 1000 questions before the test.
And then when you take the test, breathe! LOL! She says you will also feel as if you failed when you walk away from the test even if you did pass it. We are waiting for her scores, now. Every one that she talked to that passed, thought they failed. Good luck Sofia we are both cheering for you!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

SoFiA said...

Marie - thank you for the encouraging words!!! I'm sure your daughter did great! Keep me updated!
I have been studying so I have been a lousy blogger... thanks for coming by!

Trop Rouge said...

ooh I have LOST night too! never miss a night.