So ... what's been going on?

I have been super busy with work and with keeping myself somewhat studious that I haven't come around the web to check on my blog. Much has happened, of course, since it's been more than a week since I've updated here.
Work is going ok. I have learned a lot and have yet to learn many many many more things... being a nurse is hard work! No lie. 12 hour shifts suck too! Especially when the weather is gorgeous outside and you are stuck inside during the!!! So bad! But I finally got a 8 hr shift yesterday and was so happy to just feel the sun shining on me and the wind coming in my open car windows!
I absolutely LOVE spring!!!! It is my very favorite season of the year... next up is summer. Warm weather and me make a perfect couple! haha.


But other than work I have been doing NCLEX questions up the waazzooooo!
I need to pass this exam. It is going to be the most important exam I have ever taken in my whole life for crying out loud! It decides my future and how I am going to survive for the next 3 months without being able to work as a nurse if I happen to not pass this exam.
It will go one of two ways:
1) I pass the NCLEX-RN exam and I am officially a Registered Nurse in my state. I will be able to pay my bills without too much worry. I will be able to save even more money for a vacation that I am planning for this summer (which by the way I am going even if I don't pass the first time!!!). I will not have to go back to my measly $12/hr position for 3 months until I can take this exam again. I WILL BE AN RN!!! Whoo!!!
2) I don't pass the NCLEX-RN exam and I go back to being a technical partner, even though I have a BSN. I will be worried about my bills because I won't be able to save enough. My vacation might be cut shorter than I would hope it would be. I will have to take this exam ... yet again. I will look like a failure to my floor and supervisors... even though plenty of nurses who work there NOW have taken the boards at least twice and they are wonderful and smart and great nurses.

Yeah. I'm hoping scenario #1 will occur for me!!! I am sending happy and good thoughts to the universe so it sends me good karma right back to me! I need this more than I have ever needed anything in my life. I want to not worry about this exam anymore. I wish I would have taken it already so I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. But I don't think I would have felt ready. I feel 75% ready for this exam right now. Over this 5 day break from work I have, I am studying my little big butt off, going to feel confident (but not over confident) on myself and tell myself that I will pass this exam. And even if I find out that I have not, I will not be too disappointed in myself. I will just have more time to study, more time to prepare and pass it the next time. I will have an advantage because I will know what the test looks like and I will prepare more on what made me not pass. Whether it be not reading the questions right, not knowing the material well or whatever other reason it might be.

I just hope that I do pass. I will deal with scenario #2 when, and if, it happens. I have gone through worse things in my life and I have survived. So this is a piece of cake.... sort of. haha

Wish me and everyone else luck [and send happy thoughts] that has to take this very important exam that will make them become Registered Nurses!
Thanks for all the good thoughts in advance!!! Even if you don't think they help, they really do! I appreciate all the positivity I can take!

Have a wonderful Friday lovelies!


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