Loving this sunshine!

So freaking gorgeous!

Too bad been in the hospital visiting for the past two days...

Please send prayers that our family member will go home soon ... But with good outcomes!

But for now... Let's enjoy this gorgeous sunshine!
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Marie S said...

Wow, you have redecorated, it looks great girl!
Prayers and healing thoughts for your family member. Hospitals are no fun unless you want to be there.
Raining here today ;-{
My daughter started new grad. Day shift! Yay!
I hope you are doing well.

SoFiA said...

Marie - HI! glad to see you back around these parts. haha
thanks for all the nice comments. always appreciated.
And I also started day shift as a G.N. at my local hospital in the labor and delivery floor.
did your daughter take the state boards yet???
i haven't yet... scared to take them! haha
let me know what she did/said about the boards.
thanks for visiting!