Short and sweet!

Hello everyone!
Happy MLK day and Monday!
Hope you are fabulous darlings.

Just want to say a short hi and to tell you that I am off to kickboxing.
I haven't really blogged about it but this class is kick ass!
I wish I was not starting orientation knew what my schedule for next month was because or else I would sign up for this class again!

The one my dad just joined is Zumba!
Ever heard of it???
I absolutely love that one too!

I hope that I can figure out a schedule out so I can take more classes through the gym at work. I love that they give us reimbursement for all these classes. Absolutely love getting my money back after I've attended these classes.

Well more on that later.
Gotta run.

Before I go, gotta remind myself to stop by Sephora or somewhere to buy Bobbi Brown's "No Smudge" mascara. Lisa always raves about it and my tube right now is running out. As much as I love the Cover Girl "LashBlast" mascara I think it is time for an upgrade.
So Bobbi Brown here I come!
{And for $23 something it better darn be worth it!}

See ya soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good time at kickboxing!