New addition to my blog!

My blog has got my vlogs now.
I hope I get to keep up with that!
I'm not doing so great on keeping these blogs updated or reading others blogs either!


I'm a bad blogger!
But ever since I got sick and have been crazed with school stuff to do no time for blogs!
But I need to make it up to myself.
I need to keep my blogs updated.

Any suggestions on topics?
I hope my life gets a little more interesting so I have something to contribute.
But other than doctor's appointments and kickboxing that is all that is happening with me.
Although I have some pictures that I have yet to upload and tell the story behind them...
Maybe I'll start with that at a later date.
Now I will leave you with this one of my best friend (who you can only see her girly hands) and her lovely boyfriend:

{i love it. zexy, no?}


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