Sunday ... day of rest...

Day of rest.
Do these go together?
I am doing it to day.
I have three (grueling) days of work ahead of me and then I have off for Kev's bday which is this Thursday.
I don't know what to get him that will surprise him.
I don't want to share what I think I will get him in the small chance that he actually checks this blog.
He never does.
Although I can't really blame him because I don't do anything on this blog lately! haha

Back to his birthday.
I wanted to plan something cool to do but he only has one day off (the 27th) and I wasn't able to plan a weekend thing because of him working, I need to get my house cleaned before the weekend is over and lack of spontaneity (sp?) in my part.

See... he planned a big ass surprise birthday party for me the weekend before my birthday and really got me a great present: both our families and friends all together. It was perfect. Stressful for him and our families but perfect because right about now that is all I need for a birthday present. Family coming together and sharing love for each other.

So now that he's done that I wanted to outdo (sp?) him.
I wanted to make this big deal about his birthday plan on inviting a bunch of people to come with us and etc.
But with me working four days last week and lack of planning on my part I didn't get to do anything like that. So we're probably going to end up goin to dinner somewhere local for his birthday (blah). And for his present probably something he's expecting me to get him (again... blah).

At least we told each other not to get presents (even though he threw me a surprise birthday party...) and he can't get too disappointed. Yuck.
I suck as a girlfriend in surprising him. He is not easy to surprise either. He will know if I even tried to do something for him.
Me on the other hand -
He planned everything in front of me from getting his house ready for the party and buying all the stuff.... all in front of me. I just couldn't put two and two together. I suck.


Well I hope I can at least get him something that he'll love (like this stupid freaking video game that costs $50!!!)

But for today, no planning.
Just rest.

Rest is good for Sofia.
aaaah... putting my feet up...

It's a great day for resting. the weather is shitty!



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