Gym and back problems

So Kev and I will be going to the gym tonight around 7p and it is the first time we will be working out together. I am hoping we stick to this semi-routine that we have thought up. We are planning on going at least 3x during the week and at least once during the weekend.
I wanna lose weight, start running, and get toned.
Kev wants to lose weight... and I don't think anything else.
We joined Gold's Gym and hopefully it is worth the $$. We get free classes too so we'll see how that goes.
I wanna do at least one class every 2 weeks and hope to convince Kev to join in at least once a month!

We'll see how that goes!

But I hope that by the time July 25 comes along I will look and feel a hell of a lot healthier than I do now. We leave for Disney on that day and I am planning on wearing a lot of tank tops and shorts/capris (which I need to buy more of come to think of it...) and wear my bathing suit as well and not look like a giant woman.

Speaking of health though, I did something to my back last friday which is not going away so easily this time around. I did it once before but this time it just hurts a lot more. Went to the doctor, I'm on sick time from work (which I have yet to finish my orientation for crying out loud!!!), I have been popping advil every 4-6 hours, and I just got a prescription for a muscle relaxant from my doc that hopefully will help!
We'll see how it goes!

I have things to do over the weekend and I really hope my back does not give out on me! I need to exercise and gain my strength back so I can go back to my every day things. I hate being "sick" or "out of comission". I love not having nothing to do but on my own time. But this whole having to rest and not do anything stuff coming from a doctor is no fun...

And it is no fun to sit here like this because my back is hurting even more when I sit so I gotta go!

Until next time... (whenever that might be.... haha... jk.)


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