Married but living apart?

What do you think: you get married, love one another but you live apart? Just read an article in my April issue of Oprah mag (pg. 149) that this couple states they got married but live in two different houses. They are HAPPY with this arrangement.

And I propose a question: can you live apart AND still be HAPPILY married and live happily ever after?

In Sex and the City (SATC) 2, Carrie proposed having 2 days 'off' for herself to finish writing her column at her old apartment, and for Big to do the same and just do his thing for 2 days. And when Big agreed and proposed to do this every week she freaked! She thought he wanted to be free of her but she was the one who proposed the idea first. . .?!?

And when I went to see the movie for the 2nd time with my one married friend and my friend who has a boyfriend (they have been on-off for a very long time without living together) they were appalled! They couldn't believe that Carrie could want 2 days a week away from her husband whom she desperately has been longing for for 10+ years!

Plus, they couldn't get around the idea that Carrie kept her apartment for the days when people needed to get away like Charlotte who needed a break from her 2 little screaming, attention needing girls.

Do you agree with my friends who think needing time off from your husband/family/kids is a bad idea or is it ok to not see your husband/significant other/family for awhile (few hrs or days)?

It makes sense what my friends feel that it is wrong to not wanna be with ur family all the time. But don't you think you would need some time away from ur significant other to just be by yourself and think? Or is it just selfish of oneself to be thinking that way because at one time being single you were complaining of being alone and needing to be with someone?

It's a weird and complicated science of marriage that I don't quiet get.

At this point in my life I wish I lived with kev so I can see him and be with him every day. But at the same time I enjoy my 'spare' time away from him so we can each have time for ourselves. I hear so many 'horror' stories from couples that once they live together they start hating each other and fight and break up...

So what's the answer?

Stay single, feel alone from time to time, but love the fact that you have independence and not have to worry about 'taking care of someone else'?

Or be with someone, live with them, get used to their quirks, and have someone to love, someone who loves you back, and see them every day?

I guess it depends on what time of personality you have right? ... Or wrong?

Let me know what you think!

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