Holy Disney planning!

Yep. You read right!

I am so happy! I am in dire need of a vacation for such a long time.
This is gonna be awesome! It will technically be my second time ther but not since I was about 6 yrs. old! Plus, it's just Kevin and me so there aren't too many ideas thrown in.
It's hard enough to decide where to eat and what to do and it's only the two of us!
So far we have one day planned out:
our 5 year anniversary as a couple, from our first date, our first kiss and our first trip to NYC.
It's been a crazy wonderful odd fun and awesome 5 years together.
We definitely deserve this trip together as neither of us have gone NOWHERE in awhile! Hahaha!
We're slowly becoming real people who do things.
Ever since I graduated (more on that later) and passed my boards, Kevin and I have been able to do actual date's and "normal" things that couples do. I have missed that so much. School and studying has been my priority for such a long time that it's been hard to go back to being a regular person.
They don't tell you how much changes and how your perspective of the world changes when your in college.
But thank goodness and all that is mighty that I am done!!! Can I get a Halelluyah!!!

Well that's what has recently been going on with me.
How about you?

Til next time!


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