Classes have started have again... *sigh*

And since I don't want to bore you with too many details right now, I will share a video that I absolutely love. It sucks that I didn't know he is coming to my town this Tuesday!!! Oh Jeff Dunham you rock!

And Achmed is awesome.

If you've never heard of him before visit his YouTube page.
See many more awesome vids like this:

{if you get offended easily... well... just warning you... but it really is worth seeing!}

And how are you?

Thank you to all that have stopped by and congratulated me about my passing my classes.

I am very happy right now and have to work hard to finish these last two classes.


Ok. More Jeff Dunham videos to see before sleep.

Have a test tomorrow and need to do good. Good luck to me!

Hope to come by more to my blogs and the blogging world soon...

Have A LOT to update on but just don't seem to have time to do everything I want to.


Until next time dears!


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