headin' home

Well it's been great!

We've seen the falls lots and even got S.O.A.K.E.D. by them twice!

We've eaten yummy ice cream and taken TONS of pics between my digital camera & my cousins.

I will post more pics once I get home which will probably won't be until after 10 pm tonight. We're halfway home now and going for the long haul.

I'm hoping the video I'm sending w/ this post uploads. It's my cousin Paty signaling a trucker to honk his horn. It's something cool for them to experience since in Ecuador they don't do that. It's pretty funny. ... Well we think so anyway! Haha

It's been a gorgeous two days and I am ever so thankful the weather man was wrong when they said it would rain today!

The skies are a clear blue and it isn't too hot either! Awesome! Perfect summer days to spend on my 'mini' vacation!

It's my only time away from school because I work 12 hrs night shifts for the next 4 days starting tomorrow! Bleh. Haha. Oh well. Need the $$$$$$ so can't complain I have a job.
Ok. Have a good rest of your sun-filled day (unless you are getting the aftermath of Hurricane Bill or other crazy weather).

Take care!

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