Please join me...

In saying a little prayer this morning because one of my best friends just went through a tragic thing last night. I won't say whom but she is a great girl that wish she hadn't gone through all this...{photo via here}

She had a D&C because it was in her fallopian tube.

And she is one of the few ppl that want to have babies so this is very hard on her.

So please keep her in your prayers and thoughts, and the many women, who have to go through this. I feel horrible because I am getting my hair done today and I should be with her... this sucks. I'm just going to leave her be for a few hours before I go over to see her. I really hope she can get pregnant again. She really wants a baby. You have no idea. She's been planning on having a baby for a very, very, very long time and even though this one wasn't exactly planned, it's still a hard thing to go through.

Hun (you know who you are), I am so sorry you had to go through this. I love ya.

OK. I'm gonna go now.


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