Well hello!

I just updated my blog and I talked a little bit about what has been goin' on and what has taken

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up all my flippin' time!

Of course, I am talking about nursing school!

But I am almost done (one class down, one more to go - this semester anyway) and December cannot come any sooner!

But otherwise I have been ok.
I have yet to show my new look and my new do - how horrible of me I know especially because I asked for help and lovely Marie offered her help by telling me to just do it and it is only hair! It will grow back! So I did end up cutting A LOT of hair off because I sooooo needed it - my hair was starting to look like a nest! Especially after seeing myself on my videotape of skills, my hair was lookin' horrible! Now it is so much easier to style, and lighter, and has some color to make me look alive! haha

Also, like my last post said, my friend did go through something horrible and she has not been returning my calls/texts so I really do hope she is doing ok. I love ya girl!

All in all, everything is going ok - so far. If I could only get my flippin' grades into my gradebook that would be freakin' fantastic so I know what I have to get on my final to be able to pass this darn class. I also have to figure out my nursing GPA because that has to be higher than a 2.5 (thank goodness - because the newcomers have to have it at a 2.7 or higher - sucks to be them!) and right now I believe it is higher than a 2.5 but am not sure if it's exactly a 2.5 or slightly above it, or I am at a 2.7... who knows right now. My overall GPA I think is closer to a 2.9 - 3.0 and that is fine. *phew*

But enough about school. For now....

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I wanted to update you on the current "investment", as Kevin would call it, he wants to make. It is pretty big but I think it's a really, REALLY bad idea for him to do this right now. Let's see if I get any responses from you ladies and gents...

Kevin wants to buy a truck. The size of Ford F-150, and a new one no less! (Not really wanting a used one...)

His reason why it is a good idea?
  1. It will help with a future move when we decide to move in together instead of renting a U-Haul.
  2. It will help others, family and friends, by having a bed of a truck to transport things in - just in case.
  3. It will be better in the snow and safer for him to drive to and from work during really crappy weather.
  4. And he also put on a sad puppy face saying "I want a twuck." *sigh* =p

Reasons why I think it is a bad idea for him to make this investment - RIGHT NOW?

  1. We are not moving in together for another 2 years or so, so why do we need a truck?
  2. His brother has a Suburban - why can't we just ask him for help? (selfish of me? maybe... ok yes it is... so sue me... ok don't cuz I have no money!)
  4. His car right now (a Ford Thunderbird) has crappy MPG and having a truck is not gonna make it less expensive to put gas in that baby. A 36 gallon on a F-150? Crazy amount of $$$ will have to be spent to fill that up!
  5. If he wants to trade in his car, and get the $4,500 cash for clunkers, he will have to get a better car with more MPG and an F-150 is NOT in those requirements!
  6. His insurance will be even higher than it is now - again - can't afford it!

So he isn't here to defend himself/make a better case for himself and why he wants his "twuck" but I don't think it is a good idea for him to get a car like that. Maybe - and I say MAYBE - a used truck.

What would be best for him to get is a smaller car, a better MPG car, or a SUV that is a 4-door that he can trade it in for and get his cash for clunkers 'rebate'.

What do you think? Am I being unreasonable? Is he right? Or am I? Am I being too cautious? Or is he being too much in fantasy land to realize he can't afford this?

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I wish Suze Orman could talk to him and look at his finances so she could direct him in the right direction... hmmm... anywho...

Please make your comments below and tell me what you think.
Maybe you have inside scoop on cars right now in this crazy economic crisis we are in.

And if you could tell Suze Orman to read all this and give me advice that would be fabulous!

Take care darlings and I'll catch you next time!


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