Happy Birthday U.S.A.!!!

Happy 4th of July! The American Flag in FireworksImage by BL1961 via Flickr

What a better way to spend a weekend than to celebrate the birthday of our great country:

U. S. of A. !!!

So my plans for the weekend so far are:
-Get some studying done for my exam

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next week.
-Go to the lake with fam on Saturday morning (which is in about 10 hours from now) and celebrate 4th of July and my cousin Freddy's bday!
-See some fireworks
-Work Sat. night to Sunday morning
-Sleep Sunday morning til around 1230 pm

4th of July, 2006 Fireworks.Image by ohad* via Flickr

-Go to BBQ/picnic/bday party for Kev's grammy at Kev's house [it's her bday ON July 4th but throwing her a party on Sunday]
-Go to work Sunday night to Monday morning. =( .... {if i don't call off...}
-Maybe get some more studying before/during work???? Hopefully!!!
Those are the plans.
What are yours???
Anything exciting?
Tell me, tell me!


An Example of a Spider shaped firework in JapanImage via Wikipedia

p.s. you should check out Haute Whimsy's blog! She's having a giveaway! Yay! Wanna find out what she's giving away? Well you have to stop by her blog, silly! I'm not gonna give it all the details away here! =p
p.p.s. PLEASE everyone be careful with the handling of fireworks!!! Especially kids! I hate hearing "Pediatric Trauma Alert[s]" when I'm at work! This should be a happy day spent with family not with ER nurses and pediatricians and surgeons and burn doctors and admission to the pediatric floor!!! Or going to the burn center because you got burnt from fireworks! Don't become another statistic PLEASE!!!
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Marie S said...

Sofia I am going to have anotheer giveaway so keep an eye out.
Happy and safe 4th to ya girl!!
Love and hugs,

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