Perfect body.

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So everyone should go check this post out by Meg Fee. I know my blog doesn't reach many people but to those few of you who check this blog out and don't already follow Meg's fascinating blog well you should.
Meg is an awesome girl who says it how it is and has the greatest ways of saying it [on her blog].

She has started a 'perfect body initiative' and I couldn't be more happy to say that I have joined in. She has had many great responses such as the first one she has chosen to post by Morgan from Let Me Help You Help Me [who I read often as well!]:

"My shoulders... because they allow me to hold my head high."

My response to her question? Well here it is:

"I think my body is perfect because of how confident I feel in my own skin - and loving every new little wrinkle." -S.

So go ahead ladies and gents. Go over to her blog and tell her why you think your body is perfect. And if you would like to leave me a comment as well, as to why you think your body is perfect, I would love to hear 'em...

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Marie S said...

Nice Look to the blog Sofia!! I will check out Meg, thanks for the post.
Hold that head high!

kSbl said...

Thanks for stopping by Marie!
And I like to change my blog every once in awhile... =)

My head is held high... =D
Hope yours is too!
Have a great weekend!