It's been awhile since I have come around...

Even though it has only been about 2 days.
But I have been so BUSY with school with a midterm on Tuesday and trying to finish a project up for next week. Also, we had a quiz tonight for my med/surg class that I completely bombed (which i am very mad/sad about) and I blame myself for not studying more. I mean, I probably only got 1/2 of that quiz right... sad I know. But it was meds that I suck at and now I need to focus on more for the next exam. I have an exam this coming Thursday and NEED to start studying pronto! Like now. =(
But I feel like I am always on the go go go. I feel like all I have been doing is reading and writing and researching and reading and studying.... ugh. I hate school. I am going to stop writing about school now because I just hate being negative and that is why I have a blog d

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edicated just for school stuff but I just wanted to voice why I haven't been around as of late.
I miss reading all the blogs that are on my sidebars and miss seeing all the wonderful things that the blogging world can give... so I will take a break from studying now and look at all those wonderful blogs ...

Will you join me?
Until next time!


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