Well I like this joint.

I'm sitting here at Panera and doing a project with my friend N.
Lovin' it.
Much better than just sitting at school with white walls with no music.
Here we have people watching, music and traffic watching. The sun is beating on us (which is making it harder for us to see our laptops) and it is just so much better!
I love it!
Need to do more outings like this where there is WiFi for me to do my homework and studying... maybe I'll go home grab my things to study for my exam and head over to Barnes and Noble!
It really is better than sitting at home and getting distracted by other things I have to do at home.
Well gotta go home now.
See ya later!


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Gabby said...

I think I'm more productive when I go somewhere like Barnes & Noble or Starbucks to study.

Have a lovely weekend, friend!

Jen said...

I love, love, LOVE Panera! Everything about the place is magic! I must say though, I'm a Borders girl all the way. It feels like home whenever I go in, which is often!