I am falling.

And not to the ground.
But asleep.
Working 3 nights in a row is tough let alone being the only one running around like a maniac.
I have so much work to do and hopefully by the time this posts I am awake and not procrastinating like I did yesterday.
I love being able to do these posts and have them pop up when I want them to!
So cool.
And I want to try downloading this thing Belle has to write out her posts. I have seen it in other blogs but never knew what exactly it was.
Let's hope it works!
Thanks again to Belle for letting me know about the site!
Later all!

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Gabby said...

I have several nurse friends and I've heard how hard it can be to work nights! Hope you get some rest, lady!

SoFiA said...

I'm trying to rest girl. It's been an insane start of the week!

Hope you're having a good one.
Thx for stopping by.