Thick, gray clouds - why are you here?

This is what it looks like around these parts... Not much of a summer day.


I was talking with my bestie Quynh the other day and we're both super busy and don't have an inch of tan on us. We were making fun of ourselves saying how white we are and that our latino and asian heritage was put to shame.

And I'm serious - I am pastier than I have ever been! It's so saddening when I see women who ARE caucasian and have darker complexions than me! =(

But I'm working on my career and RN degree so... I guess it's worth being pasty for the rest of this year huh? ....and until next summer... Unless I go on vaca after I graduate! We shall see!

Ok. I am on campus and will try to focus at the task at hand.

See ya later!

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