Another crazy weekend... GONE!

***This is Kevin and I being silly I think on Thursday night after homework, class, dinner, watching TV and we were just being... well can't you tell from the pic?***

So I started my fun weekend on Friday watching this cutie:

He is so big now!!!!! He is 1 year and two months old and I cannot freakin believe it! He was great though! For a one year old he wasn't too fussy that day AND he let me nap with him real long too... so that was a BIG plus!

I love him in this cute little hat! Awesome!

So even though the weekend was a typical fall like weather weekend, it was hell on earth at my job. like i said on my other post my unit sucks big butt right now!!!!!!!!! They have us working like jackasses and they can't seem to figure out how to get us help! I met with my supervisor today and she said she was going to see what she could do. We'll see!

I am thanking the great big Lord today because i got furloughed today!!!!!!!!! YAY! It would've been even nicer if they could have just called me before I got there but hey i got off and i'm not roaming these long a$$ hallways!

Yes they really are this loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong! each hallway holds 15 private rooms with med/surg patients. my unit was crazy as i left today. we'll see how it is on wed. when i go back there. i work tomorrow in another unit! yay! i love working in this other unit 'cause it's a lot more relaxed!!!

ok have to update with some more pics.


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