Night at a Gala: Broadway Hits!

So my day started interesting. I got there somewhat early and I come to find out that we have to wear these ridicolous top hats and bowties... How cheesy do I look??? haha But the event and the decorations are BEAUTIFUL!!!

This top one was my favorite centerpiece (^) that were on the tables. This pic was taken at the end of the night so you can't really see how really pretty it was with the rest of the decorations. But I love the different colors and how they used the leaves to sort of bunch them up together! Loved this arrangement!
Ok here is a picture with my fave centerpiece: (^) does it not look really pretty??? I think this one would have looked better with the black linen... that's my personal opinion though!So the larger centerpiece was great as well (^) but I don't really like it since it is so tall! I just don't know but I don't really like em! But for this event they did look great!
We needed to tear down the room that had 19 tables to have two of these (^) types of tables with desserts and different decorations. It turned out really good though! And we only had about... oh 70 minutes to do all of it!
So I think this was a great idea! (^) Instead of having hangings of pictures or like artwork they had lighting as you can see that was everywhere... along the walls, ceilings, floors of the stairs. It looked really awesome! If you go to my youtube site (Chica86Quitena) you can see the skyline of NYC on the walls/ceilings. I love this one! It's different and great for this event: which was based on lots of different Broadway shows.
This next picture I took because the ppl in charge on the left had the three girls on the right model the different looks they had! As you can see they went with the better choice of the black vest with either black/silver hats and bowties or gold/yellow hats and bowties. They had silver vests and gold vests which looked so cheap and ugly! I'm so happy they went witht the black vests!!!
This is me! We actually had really pretty flowers which is pinned to my vest. I was taking a potty break so I decided to take a couple of pics with my lovely penguin outfit, tophat, bowtie and pretty maroon flower!
Don't I look lovely??? hahahaha
As the night drew to a close, we were all acting funny and one of my coworkers decided to make this long tower of coffee cups... very talented isn't she? =P
Well that is all! That was my day... interesting and fun! They had all sorts of goodies to eat but I think I ate too much because I not sleepy at all. I think I'm still in the middle of my sugar rush!
I might as well start uploading my vids so you can check them out!
See ya!

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