One more shopping trip!

So I love my boyfriend no doubt about it! He went with me and he let me shop and he payed (for at least half of the stuff!) First we - no I - went to Victoria's secret because I had a coupon for a free panty and I decided to buy some new underwear and a new bra. I wanted to get a couple of them but I couldn't find my size! I was pissed! And sometimes on the site I can't find my size either so... yeah. But The best part is that I got a bra (I think it's the IPEX bra), six pairs of VS cotton panties (one was free) and a free tote to boot! Since my whole purchase was $50 exactly (after my coupons and $10 gift card that VS sent me in the mail!) I got the free tote which is really cute! I was looking for a new purse and i found one! Yay!

So after VS and we went to Payless and couldn't find any good shoes at a good price. Then we went to Wal-Mart *I love that store!* and found so much cute stuff and got it for under $60!!!

This is a hat that I tried on but didn't get... but definitely might go back for it because I thought I looked horrible in it when I saw this pic but ... it's kinda growin on me!

Then I decided to be goofy and try on these hats... as you can tell my boyfriend was NOT amused!

After about an hour in the store Kevin was getting tired and he didn't feel good so we went home. Isn't he a such a good boyfriend to be carrying all of my stuff??? I love this man!

What we did buy at wal-mart was the really cute green sweater (which Kevin kept telling me to buy PURPLE pants to go with it... yeah he's not much of a fashion guru!
Then he bought me the green pj's which the pants are so fluffy and look very comfy (i didn't wear it because i like to wash my clothes before I wear them!). Then right before i took the pic Kevin goes "you have to show the nyquil!" so that is nyquil in his hand. And on his other hand is three pairs of flats that were only $9!!! they are in right now and are soooo comfy!

So there you have it! My shopping extravaganza!
Gotta love shopping and I love Kevin for being strong and bearing with me!
Love ya babe!

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